Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mildred Harris Letter

Arjun Brara
Dear Clair, Sept. 13, 2007
Period 2/8

As you well know, you are one of my best friends, and therefore I must tell what has happened, as you are unaware of what’s been going on here since you have moved.

First of all, the man of my dreams that married me, Charlie Chaplin, he left me! I am absolutely appalled! I had though at the time we had something in common, you know with both of our acting histories. I had started acting at the age of 11; I had though that was good enough for him. Apparently, it was not.

Although, I had on some level known we would not work out. To begin with, we only married because I had become pregnant with his baby. Sadly, my pregnancy turned out to be a false alarm. Of course, I was very disappointed and hurt. I wanted more than anything to have a child. Eventually, we ended up having a son. We named him Norman Spencer Chaplin. Much to my regret and dismay, our child was born extremely deformed and lived only three full days! How could he do this to me? Have I child with me then after it passes away leave me? He didn’t even leave the court properly, but chose to embarrass me by getting into a fist-fight with the layer after he granted me the full name of Mildred Harris Chaplin even after we had gotten a divorce!

Now, because of our age difference, that might have been a reason to le me, but now I hear word that he has married yet again to 16 year old girl called, Lita Grey. For shame! He is now thirty-five years old! Unfortunately, I just cannot seem to get past what Charlie did to me, nor can I find myself able to talk to men in an elegant, proper manner.

I have met one man called Everett Terrence McGovern who is very handsome and I truly hope something might work out with him, though not at this moment. Afterall, I am still recovering. You must keep that in mind.

I have made some new friends though, from
Cheyenne, Wyoming. At least we have something to talk about, because I am from there too, but you know that. And, even though I’ve received many offers to act in movies and in theatre, all the positive goals that I have reached do not seem to cheer me up the way they did when Charlie was around. Hopefully, I will get around that.

For now that’s all the news I have. How are things with you in Germany? I sincerly hope you will write back as soon as possible.

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Your Dear Friend,
Mildred Harris